1. All EYRI mattresses have a fully risk-free, three-month, in-home trial period.

2. The EYRI limited warranty is valid only to the original purchaser. The purchaser must retain his/her original proof of purchase receipt.

3. The warranty is void if the mattress has been burned, soiled, abused, or otherwise damaged.

4. Under the terms of the warranty, EYRI has the right to repair or replace the product, at its option. EYRI reserves the right to alter the look of the replacement, and/or replace items with the similar current model. This replacement or repair is the sole remedy to the purchaser for any defect in the product.

5. All Eyri mattresses must be used on a solid and appropriate base. In the event that a metal base is used, the base must have six legs for King and Queen size mattresses. If it is on a slatted base, the slats must be less than three inches apart.

6. Mattress must always be used in a dry location. Warranty does not cover any problems related to dampness from improper use or storage in damp locations.

7. In the event that there is a defect in the outer mattress cover, EYRI is responsible only for the replacement or repair of the outer mattress cover. This cover can be easily unzipped and replaced.

8. The warranty covers only defects in workmanship and does not cover any softening of the foam that normally occurs over time. Foams may generally soften somewhat over time.

9. The warranty covers any sag or indentation in the mattress over 1.5 inches that is not caused by any improper use or abuse. The sag must also not be caused by the use of improper base.

10. Warranty does not cover any comfort preference.

11. Warranty is valid only if bought directly from EYRI or from an authorized dealer. It is not valid if the mattress is bought from a reseller or unauthorized retailer.

12. Warranty does not cover any product that is bought “as-is” or any other representation of being not of first quality, including but not limited to product bought at discounted prices.

13. Warranty does not cover burns, cuts, tears, stains, or any other damages caused by the owner.

14. Warranty does not cover minor imperfections or cosmetic flaws.

15. Under the warranty, purchaser is liable for all shipping costs related to the warranty and to the replacement of the mattress or component of the mattress.

16. Any repair to mattress by EYRI will not extend the original period of warranty. Any replacement of mattress with same or similar mattress will be final and the replacement mattresses will not be subject to warranty.

17. EYRI makes no medical or health claims regarding the warranty. Complaints about allergies, discomfort, or health problems are not subject to warranty.

18. The mattress is intended for individuals weighing up to 350 pounds. Any extended use by individuals weighing over 350 pounds will fall outside the scope of normal use, and thus will void the warranty.

19. Warranty is void if the mattress is not opened and properly installed within one month of original purchase. Unopened EYRI mattresses are not suitable for long-term storage.

20. Purchaser acknowledges that this written warranty is their sole and only remedy. No other representations were made to the purchaser regarding quality or function. EYRI reserves the right to alter or update the terms of the warranty, without notification.