Sleeping on Iceland:
Why We Use Icelandic Volcanic Ash and Clay in Our Mattresses

For centuries, even in old Viking times, humans have been aware of the natural healing and rejuvenating powers of volcanic ash and volcanic clays.  The Icelandic island sits on one of the world’s most active volcanic hot-spots.  Traditional Icelandic teachings and beliefs stress the importance of these volcanic elements for health, productivity, and natural renewal.  This is why we at EYRI have spent years developing our proprietary mattress layers that are infused with a blend of new volcanic ashes and healing volcanic clays.   

These elements are believed to eliminate harmful free-radicals and non-natural pollutants.  For centuries, Icelanders have witnessed many miracles of natural renewal brought about by the wonders of volcanic ash.  Even in the deep history of traditional Nordic society, volcanic ash clays have been treated as a natural detoxifier.  With these especially productive and detoxifying natural properties of volcanic ash and clay, our proprietary mattress layers, infused with these elements, help keep your environment fresh and clear.  

Traditionally, it is thought to help shield you from unhealthy or unnatural pollutants.  It is not uncommon for people to even eat volcanic ash clays, that are believed to act as “toxic magnets” while they flush out the harmful toxins from your body. Icelandic people live longer than any other people in the world.  Why are we so healthy?  The answer may have to do with fresh air, clean water, and being surrounded by so many of nature’s natural healing elements.  At EYRI, we bring Iceland closer to you.  Every mattress has thousands of tiny pieces of Iceland inside it.  You are literally sleeping ON ICELAND.