How is the EYRI Arctic Rest mattress constructed?

The EYRI Arctic Rest is an 11 inch thick, luxury and high-performance, hybrid natural tree-latex, and foam mattress. It has a unique combination of ½ inch luxury brushed, pure, natural sheep’s wool, over 1¼ of all-natural tree-latex foam, over 2 inches of visco-elastic foam, over 7½ of high-density, long lasting, support-base foam.

How does the EYRI Arctic Rest compare to other foam mattresses?

We believe that the EYRI Arctic Rest is the best foam mattress available anywhere, at any price. Other foam mattresses, whether latex or visco-elastic , will tend to “sleep hotter” than an EYRI Arctic Rest. This is because our top mattress layer is a thick natural layer of pure sheep’s wool. Wool is nature’s natural temperature regulator and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter—just like real wool does for the sheep in nature. In addition, we have infused a proprietary blend of volcanic ash and volcanic clay into the latex layer of the mattress. This special layer, which is only available on EYRI mattresses, is nature’s way to keep you fresh and renewed.

What is the firmness of the EYRI Arctic Rest?

The EYRI Arctic Rest is what is commonly referred to as “Luxury Firm” (medium). On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being softest), the EYRI Arctic Rest would be about a 6. Learn more here.

How much motion transfer is there?

Like most foam mattresses, the EYRI Arctic Rest has minimal motion transfer. Unlike standard American spring mattresses that leave both parties jumping around when either person moves, the EYRI Arctic Rest lets one person continue to sleep tight, even as the other person bumbles about.

What are the foam densities?

The density of the all-natural latex layer is 3.5 psf density. The visco-elastic foam is 4 psf density. The base support foam is 2 psf density.

Will the mattress smell?

All EYRI Arctic Rest mattresses are allowed to rest in open air for several days before they are packed for sale. In most cases there is no smell, or a minimal smell. Natural latex does maintain a faint natural smell. Natural wool always keeps a faint wool smell. Usually people do not notice any unpleasant smell. Some people sometimes do notice a small “new” smell, like a new car smell, when they first open the mattress, but this usually dissipates within a few hours.

Do you use a fire barrier?

We do use a fire barrier inner cover that is government compliant. The federal government requires all mattresses sold in the US to meet very stringent burn tests, in accordance with 16 CFR 1633 and 1632. Our inner cover fire-barriers on the Arctic Rest is made of a silica yarn with a nylon/rayon fiber.

How long does your mattress last?

The EYRI Arctic Rest is designed to last 10-15 years, under normal use.

What is the weight capacity of the Arctic Rest?

The EYRI Arctic Rest is designed to support up to a combined 500 lbs. For optimal performance, we recommend that all individuals be under 300 lbs.

What are the dimensions of the EYRI Arctic Rest?

For the American market the Arctic Rest has standard American sizes.
Twin: 39 x 75 x 11 inches
Full: 54 x 75 x 11 inches
Queen: 60 x 80 x 11 inches
King: 76 x 80 x 11 inches

Are your mattress dimensions listed 100% exact?

Please be advised that the standard published size listings are estimated when measured from tape to tape in length and width. Actual dimensions may vary slightly.

How thick is the EYRI Arctic Rest?

The Arctic Rest is 11 inches thick. This is a fully luxury thickness, while still being suited to all standard size sheets common in the United States.

Is the EYRI Arctic Rest safe?

The EYRI Arctic Rest is very safe. We do extensive testing to confirm that all the components are free of toxins. It is free of ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). EYRI makes sure that every set (production load) of foam is specially tested at every production, unlike many companies that just rely on a general certificate that can allow many individual production loads to slip through the production cracks. So we do this testing ourselves. We are dedicated and devoted to making sure that all our products are completely safe. We go the extra mile when it comes to safety. The actual sleep surface layers of natural wool and natural tree-latex are OEKO-TEX 100 certified.


Can I buy a replacement cover?

Currently we do not offer separate replacement covers to customers in the United States. However, if you are an original purchaser of an EYRI Arctic Rest, and would like to buy a replacement cover, please call or email our customer service center to arrange.

How do I maintain my mattress if I use it on the floor?

If you live in a damp environment, you may want to put the mattress on its side every few weeks to allow any moisture to evaporate. If you feel no moisture on the bottom of the mattress, then this may not be necessary. This may be good to do once in a while anyway, just to allow maximum ventilation and freshness to all parts of the mattress.

Do I need to air out the mattress?

In most cases no, but if you live in a damp environment, this is always a good idea.

Do I need to flip the mattress?

No, the EYRI Arctic Rest has a specific top and specific bottom. But like with all mattresses, we do recommend that you horizontally rotate the mattress every 3-6 months to minimize formation of any impressions.

Can I wash the cover?

The EYRI Arctic Rest cover is not a mattress protector. If you need to wash the cover, remove it carefully and wash only by hand using only cold water. The mattress cover should not be machine-washed. Spot cleaning for stains is fine. The mattress cover may shrink a little if cared for improperly. If you have a problem with mattress staining, we highly recommend you use a mattress protector.

What type of bed or base should I use with the Arctic Rest?

You can put the mattress on the floor, on a box-spring, on a slatted bed, or on any flat, firm and stable surface. If you use a slatted bed-frame, make ensure that the slats are not more than 3 inches apart.

Can an EYRI Arctic Rest be folded for transport?

We do not recommend that you fold your EYRI Arctic Rest. This may cause an indentation that may not totally dissipate.

How do I unbox the mattress?

Bring the unboxed mattress to the room where the mattress will belong. Open the box and remove the plastic covered roll. Either with your hands, or with the tool provided, carefully remove all the plastic. The mattress will automatically expand. Place the mattress label side up. Let the mattress stand for at least 3 hours to fully expand. Please note that the mattress will attain its normal firmness only after about 24 hours. The mattress may initially be a little softer.

Can I use a heating pad?

You can use a heating pad with the EYRI Arctic Rest. It should not do any damage.


What is the risk free sleep trial?

At EYRI we offer a three-month (90 day) risk free in-home sleep trial. If you do not love the EYRI Arctic Rest as much as we think you will, then you can simply return the mattress for a full refund (minus only the original cost of shipping). If you want to return your mattress, simply call EYRI customer service at +1 (888) 497-7857 and we will arrange for a pick-up. You can also use our Contact Form or email us at

Are there any discounts or sales on EYRI mattresses?

There are never any discounts or sales on EYRI products, except for those special deals made for churches, schools, hospitals, or other charitable organizations. The mattress business in the USA has a lot of sales gimmicks associated with sales and discounts. At EYRI, we have always just offered a great product at a great price. That should be good for everybody.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal and Apple Pay.

Do you charge any taxes on orders?

Currently we only charge sales tax for mattresses ordered to New York State.

Do you provide financing?

We currently do not offer any financing for American customers.

How long is your warranty?

Our warranty is for 10 years. (see warranty here)

Is there any location where I can try the mattress?

Currently there are no locations in the United States where you can try the mattress—except in your own home. You have our 3-month risk-free in home trial. It’s actually almost impossible to get an understanding of a mattress without actually sleeping on it for at least a few hours. Order the EYRI Arctic Rest, and if you don’t think it’s right for you—we’ll pick it back up. It’s that easy.

Can you make a custom sizes mattress for me?

Yes, we can make most custom sizes, but only with a 2-3 month lead-time. If you want this, please speak to a customer service representative.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free within the contiguous lower 48 states of the United States.

How do I return my mattress?

Just call EYRI customer service at +1 (888) 497-7857 and we will arrange for a pick-up. You can also use our Contact Form or email us at

Do I need to ship it back in the original box?

With the exception of New York State, you do not need to retain any of the original packaging. If you live in New York State, please retain the plastic to facilitate any possible pick-up and removal.

What can I do with my old mattress?

We can help you to organize a pick-up of your old mattress, but there will be an extra pick-up and removal fee. You can also arrange for a donation to your local Salvation Army or local Saint Vincent de Paul Society. Please have in mind that mattresses that are stained or ripped or in poor condition are usually not possible to donate. They will usually need to be discarded or recycled.

How long will it take for my EYRI Arctic Rest to arrive?

Typically, you can expect delivery within 3-5 business days of purchase. If you need a rush delivery, please speak to our customer service representative to arrange.

Can I request a special time-slot for delivery?

EYRI Arctic Rest mattresses are delivered by Fed-Ex. In the event that you need a special delivery time, we can try to help work with Fed-Ex to make the delivery time as convenient as possible.

If the Fed-Ex tracker says the mattress has been delivered, but I have not received it yet, what should I do?

If there is a mix-up with any of the delivery, please call EYRI customer service so that we can do an investigation with Fed-Ex. This may take a few days, but we will determine what happened and fix the situation.

What are the shipping weights and sizes for the EYRI Arctic Rest?

The shipping size and weight of the Arctic Rest are as follows:
Twin: 56 lbs. (42x15x15 inch box)
Full: 79 lbs. (57x15x15 inch box)
Queen: 89 lbs. (63x15x15 inch box)
King: 111 lbs. (79x15x15 inch box)

How much do the mattresses weigh unpacked?

The EYRI Arctic Rest unpacked weighs:
Twin: 52 lbs.
Full: 73 lbs.
Queen: 82 lbs.
King: 103 lbs.

Does EYRI ship to Canada?

Currently we do not ship to Canada, but we expect to be able to by summer 2017.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

We do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, but for an additional shipping charge. The normal extra charge is between $130-200, per mattress.