To Plant or Not To Plant

Plants; they’re nice to look at, and can pull a whole room together by adding some much needed colour to a bland space. But, should they be in the bedroom?

It seems that adding plants to the bedroom can be helpful because plants are vital for oxygen and cleaning the air of toxins. On the other hand, there are numerous articles out there saying otherwise. Apparently, placing plants in the bedroom can possibly be harmful or even fatal due to the release of carbon dioxide. So what’s the truth?

Listen, we’re all about scientific reasoning and backing – but saying having plants in the bedroom can cause more harm than good kind of sounds like fake news. Ever heard of camping? People choose to sleep outside in a forest, literally surrounded by plants and wake up just fine – sometimes better. Here’s the thing, plants are good for us, while we’re conscious or not. Also, humans release carbon dioxide as well – more than plants do. If you’re cool with having another human, cat, dog, or any other animal that breathes in bed with you, you’ll be fine with having a plant in the bedroom by a window somewhere. Poor circulation is the problem, not plants. So, unless you are sleeping in an air tight room with a bunch of plants, you’ll live.

That being said, choosing the right plant is vital in it being a good idea or not. Flowers, are an obvious no no, because of you know, the pollen thing. We don’t want you to be sneezing/ sniffling all night long. 

Having plants in the house and/or in the bedroom can help improve the air quality. If you’re wondering which plants are best for the bedroom, we have a short list for you. You’re welcome.


  1. Aloe Vera

Listed as one of NASA’s top air-improving plants, Aloe emits oxygen at night, so it’s perfect for improving air quality and breathing!

  1. Spider Plant

Don’t worry, it’s prettier than it sounds. This plant, like Aloe, also improves the quality of air in your space. It also absorbs odor and fumes, so it’ll help you sleep!

  1. Snake Plant

Again, not as scary as it sounds. We promise. This plant is one that is recommended the most for improving air quality. It’s also very easy to care for – bonus! It filters out household toxins from the air, which means you can rest easy knowing that you’ll breathe in clean air while sleeping.

  1. English Ivy

If you’ve got allergies or asthma, this is the plant for you! English Ivy plants remove airborne mold and feces (yuck!). Since, mold can affect our breathing, this plant is ideal for a good night’s sleep. Also, who wants to sleep in a room with airborne feces! Be sure to keep this plant in an area that gets moderate sunlight and keep out of reach of kids and pets.

If you’re into breathing clean air, adding a bit of color and liveliness to your bedroom, and just living well in general, get a plant! They are less work than an actual pet, and they are pretty to look at. What a win/win situation. If you’re extra lazy, you can totally opt for a succulent. 

Rest & breathe easy, friends.





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