Bedroom Goals

Why is it that the urge to redecorate our bedroom hits us at the most inconvenient times? For instance, at 2 a.m. when we should be sleeping. I blame Pinterest.

Speaking of Pinterest, we decided to rack up some of our favorite bedroom designs; in case you needed some inspiration. We also included a few shots of our own! Check them out below:


We’re loving the neutral tones from the wood and white walls. This is minimalistic at its best. Also, adding a plant to your bedroom makes everything look more lively and less plain.



If you’ve got your bed set on the floor instead of on a frame, this modern Scandinavian style is a perfect yet simple way to design your space. Sometimes less is more.


Obsessed with this bohemian style room. It’s simple to decorate, yet it looks very put together. These fairy lights dangling above the bed are a beautiful touch. Also, yay to more plants!



Now that’s a sight for sore eyes. How beautiful does this space look!? Ultimate *heart eyes* over here. Another minimal approach to a very pretty bedroom design. Everything from the paintings on the wall and how they’re set up, the tiny hanging shelf, to the mixture of dark and light colors is pure perfection.



It's already pretty difficult to get up and leave our beds but with a view like that, we would never leave our rooms. Only thing missing is snacks.


Love, love, love large windows! The feeling of the suns rays as it shines down onto our skin, while we slowly wake from our great slumber is the best. 

There you have it. Our favorite bedroom décor found via Pinterest, plus a few of our very own decorated spaces! If you’re thinking about revamping your space, maybe start with renewing your mattress. No point in fixing up your bedroom if you haven’t started by fixing your sleep. Good sleep is always in style.

Rest easy, friends.

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