5 Strange Beds You Won’t Believe Exist

Would you sleep on any of these? 




What better way to sleep, than on top of a bunch of dodgeballs! Just kidding, not sure what these blue balls are made of (I can hear all the dirty jokes now), but I’m sure it’s softer than dodgeballs.




It’s a giant hammock! This is actually not that weird, but it’s all fun and games until it rips and you hit the ground. Also, very little back support.




Uhh..I like rollercoasters too, but what is the actual point of this? Are you supposed to sleep on all parts of the bed-coaster?




 Who in the world can sleep in one position all night and every night? Tell me. WHO?!




And then there’s this. A bed that lets you sleep standing up. I mean, it works for flamingos but don’t think it’ll be as comfy for us humans. Who knows, I could be wrong.

Not sure who these strange beds appeal to, but hey if you’re into actual good, restful sleep, you should check out the Arctic Rest mattress by Eyri Iceland. Looks like a normal bed from the outside, but from within it’s anything but. Fused from natural Icelandic materials such as sheep’s wool, all natural tree latex and volcanic ash (cool!), it’s a bed that’s guaranteed to give you a good night’s rest. Try it out for yourself, free for 3-months!

Rest Easy, friends.

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